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Wow! This was so helpful. We won’t need to borrow as much from our retirement fund now. BILL C, JACKSONVILLE, FL

Every parent should attend this class before spending any money on college. What an eye-opener! RUSS B, CHICAGO, IL

We could have saved thousands if we’d taken this course when our first daughter attended college. BRANDI W, LOS ANGELES, CA

Our son graduated with $90,000 in student loan debt! We’re so glad we took this class as our daughter gets ready to attend. We — and she — will make very different choices! CARL R, NEW YORK, NY

I’m going back to complete my degree, and this showed me so many great ways to save money. KAT T, LAS VEGAS, NV

Don't spend a Dime on College Until ...

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As students and parents struggle to make critical college decisions that will affect their financial lives for decades, avoiding costly mistakes is essential to academic and financial success. This course was created to save students and parents thousands of dollars as well as prevent monumental problems millions of Americans are experiencing.

With more student loans going straight to mom or dad, preventing burdensome debt at a time when parents should be focused on retirement is a high priority.

Selecting the wrong school can have devastating consequences, as over 100,000 former students in 91 campuses from the now defunct Corinthian college found. While they may receive relief from having to repay some of their student loan debt, they lost up to four years of their life on a worthless degree.

Unprepared for hidden costs and rising college expenses, 60% of students today run out of money every semester, heading back to parents or grandparents for financial help, or incurring more debt. A huge contributing factor to this consuming problems is that 57% fail to do pre-college planning, leading to the massive failure of 49% of freshman to graduate, yet buried in debt but unable to find a job.

You earned financial security

Help them earn theirs.

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Failing to ask the right questions is causing thousands of students to take up to six years to complete a four-year program.

Then comes the new reality.

They’re not adequately prepared for the job market. And for many, the problems are only just beginning.

With the focus on easy access to money rather than learning how to save thousands on the cost of college, current student loan debt is increasing at a rate of $162,000 per minute, and unfortunately, cosigning for students who failed to do pre-college planning prior to enrollment, now exposes millions of parents and grandparents to unanticipated student loan payments, which explains why the fastest growing age group for student loan debt is 60 and older. Inability to repay all their loans has also led to skyrocketing garnishments on wages, including social security income, freezing bank accounts, or in some states, accessing non-parent spousal income.

The legacy of these trends is that 70% of students reported increase in financial stress, and parents and even grandparents face a significant threat to retirement security. So many of these problems could have been eliminated with some pre-college planning.

Will you be making the loan payments?

Are you sure?

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That’s why The Personal Finance Education Center, a leader in unbiased financial education, is now offering this unique life changing workshop.

There’s no other class like it anywhere and should be a requirement for every student and the parents or grandparents who support them.

You’ll learn how to create an action plan for your academic career, select the best major, calculate your return on investment or ROI, and avoid costly mistakes that prevent thousands of students every year from graduating. Learning the right questions to ask will help you select the best school and graduate in less time. Plus you’ll master specific strategies to become the grad every employer wants to hire.

Throughout this course, we’ll cover real life stories of how students and parents have saved up to $50,000 or more on college, not through slick tricks or gimmicks, but by building a clear plan and using free, but often ignored, strategies and resources. You’ll leave this workshop equipped with proven steps to maximize every dollar invested in college, save thousands on tuition and other costs, and minimize student loan debt. You’ll also have access to all of these resources. They will be invaluable as you take steps to significantly reduce college costs on your own, or develop a plan with a qualified college coaching specialist.

As the course title states, don’t spend a dime on college until you attend this class. Our summer and fall schedules are filling quickly as students prepare to apply for financial aid on October 1st, so contact us today to book a workshop or secure space in our next open class.

And remember, one of the greatest gifts to give yourself and your college student is financial knowledge. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

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