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Millions of parents and grandparents are struggling to help students make critical college decisions that will affect their financial lives for decades.

These new statistics tell the story of students running out of money, burdened with debt and turning to parents to solve their financial needs.

But the problems don’t stop there.

Garnishments on student loan debt are rising dramatically, and most of this debt is due to misinformation, faulty assumptions, spending more than necessary, and lack of direction on the best steps to take when planning for college.

These challenges threaten retirement security for parents, and even grandparents, who may be providing financial support to students. That’s why the Personal Finance Education Center has now added college coaching to our comprehensive family of wealth management, financial literacy, and investment training services.

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With skyrocketing college costs, it’s more important than ever to make smart college planning decisions.

That is why your college student needs to complete the SMC-College Certification Course.

Our goal is to help you maximize every dollar invested in college, save thousands on tuition and other costs, minimize student loan debt and avoid traps that undermine retirement security.

Through our workshops and with this training, you’ll learn how to cut costs, ask the right questions, and avoid costly mistakes that are draining the retirement savings of thousands of parents, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll also have access to SMC-College, the most comprehensive financial literacy, and certification program for college students and their families.

This unique training was developed by CFPs, CPAs, academic advisors and financial educators throughout the U.S.

With access to 50 on-demand videos, a detailed resource guide, and dozens of helpful links and resources, you’ll learn how to: develop a plan for your academic career, select the best major to achieve your long-term goals, and avoid the latest financial traps that prevent nearly 49% of college freshmen from ever graduating, save thousands by asking the right questions, graduate in less time, measure your ROI and select the best school to ensure academic success.

You’ll also learn how to navigate the complexities of student loan options, choose the right repayment plan, and avoid defaults, liens, and garnishments, and identify specific strategies to use throughout your academic life to become the grad every employer wants to hire.

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