The Personal Finance Education Center is now proud to offer you our Comprehensive Personal Finance, Investment and Wealth Management course.

Why did we create this program?

We have all heard the stories of massive fortunes squandered due to mismanagement, lack of understanding, poor advice or bad luck.

The Lasting Wealth Video Course was created to help prevent that from happening.

It is too often that one generation earns a fortune without changing their values, goals or customs.

In many cases the wealth earner may not be qualified or knowledgeable enough to handle this new financial responsibility.

It is also common for next generation who inherits this wealth adapts their values, goals and customs to it.

Then the third generation not understanding where the wealth came from or how it is to be maintained, squanders it, leaving themselves and the next generation to start over.

We believe that affluent families to understand their values, goals and personal circumstances and to use those as drivers for a multi-generational wealth management strategy.

This all needs to be put into writing and communicated to everyone involved including their team of trusted fiduciary advisors either immediately or in the future.

What if you are new to investing and never expected to be managing wealth on my own.

We believe managing wealth is a business, and we help teach people how to manage their wealth like a business.

In this course we provide you with the tools and the framework for you and your future generations to confidently manage your family financial life.

Who is the class intended for?

This course if for people who have achieved significant financial wealth and want to make sure that it is managed in a way that meets their values and goals.

What do you get?

The course tuition is $997 and includes all books, worksheets, lecture notes and other materials necessary for successful course completion.

The Course can be delivered to you in your home in absolute privacy, a private location of your choosing or on demand on our website. The course has over 12 hours of content and covers almost every aspect of personal finance, investing and wealth management.

In addition after completing the course you will have available the entire course at your fingertips anytime on our website so that you can review the material at any time.

I also offer optional coaching consultations on occasion.

Who am I?

I am Jim Wilkerson, CEO and founder of The Personal Finance Education Center a professional that has a solid combination of academic and professional experience.

In my 32 year career as a financial advisor I have advised and assisted affluent families with their wealth management and have significant experience in investor education industry. See Jim’s Bio

This combination of academic pursuit paired with hands on practical application offers you the expertise necessary to help you become a better financial family steward.

Is This Course Right for You?

The Lasting Wealth video Course is designed exclusively for the unique requirements of affluent individuals. This course could be ideal for you if any of the following conditions describe your financial situation:

  • You have inherited significant family wealth
  • You have experienced a liquidity event like selling a business, winning a lottery, or received a large cash settlement.
  • You have achieved financial success through your business or athletic career.

In this course you will be able to create and implement:Goals and Values Workbook

  • Custom investment portfolio design
  • Risk Analysis assessment
  • Investment Policy Statement

Included with this program is unlimited access to our learning website and our monthly newsletter.

You also receive:

  • Professionally prepared lecture notes in a workbook
  • Values and Goals Workbook
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Investment Policy Statement Template

This class and all of the related materials are designed specifically for the education of the individual and family who is now or soon will be financially independent and wishes to stay that way.

At the end of this course you will be able to clearly establish financial guidelines based on your goals, define your personal values and investment objectives and learn how to avoid the mistakes that destroy family fortunes.

In this course you will complete a series of worksheets and gather information that will be used in to establish a financial game-plan and learn how to make the changes as your life changes in the future.

You will learn how to develop your personal Net-Worth Statement, Investment model and Investment Policy Statement specifically tailored to your situation.

This course will provide you with all of the tools and framework that you will need to apply the course concepts and establish a personal comprehensive Wealth Management Strategy for you and your family.

You will clearly define your values, goals and tolerance for risk and use them as the drivers of your wealth management strategy.

You will learn the six fundamental elements of true Wealth Management and how they work together for you and your family.

  1. Investment Management, making good investment decisions
  2. Mitigating Taxes, utilizing tax strategies and working with your tax advisor
  3. Risk Management, making sure that what you have cannot be unjustly taken away
  4. Estate Planning, making sure that your family is well taken care of should something happen to you
  5. Charitable Giving, creating programs to maximize the impact of your financial support for your favorite causes
  6. Relationship Management, deciding who will take responsibility to become your team captain for your team of trusted advisors making sure they all are working efficiently together for you and your family. These include your investment professional, Insurance Expert, CPA and Estate Planning Attorney.

Managing Your Investments

Current markets are very volatile. You will gain a new insight into true investment diversification based on decades of peer reviewed academic research form Nobel prize winning financial economists and learn how to create and manage a well-planned portfolio designed to withstand any economic condition.

Financial Independence

You will clearly define and determine how much your desired lifestyle will cost now and in the future making sure that your investment assets are enough to maintain that lifestyle for the rest of your life and beyond.

Estate Planning

Making sure that your family is well taken care of should something happen is vitally important.

You will learn how proper Estate and Gift Planning can not only reduce your taxes by thousands, even millions of dollars but also ensure that your wishes are carried out as your lasting financial legacy.

Investing Properly

You will learn how to recognize the level of risk associated with your investments and how to apply a time-tested academically proven system of investing developed by Nobel Prize winning financial economists from some of the most respected and prestigious Colleges and Universities in the world. And we will provide you with a method to critically evaluate your returns and avoid major errors.

Investment Policy Statement

I will help you to develop your personal business plan for your investments and you will learn which responsibilities will be carried out and in what manner.

Develop Confidence

By investing properly you will learn how to block out the random, disconnected noise of the investment markets, define your values, goals and objectives and use them as the drivers of your wealth management strategy.

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Why do we call this course Lasting Wealth?

We have all heard the stories of massive fortunes squandered due to mismanagement, lack of understanding or bad luck. That is why this course was created, to help prevent that from happening.

Need more information? Click here to see some samples of the course and then you can decide. (short video samples)

But remember, there is 100% no questions asked refund guarantee if you this that this course wasn’t right and a great value for you.

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Lasting Wealth Video Course.

I look forward to helping prepare you and your family to achieve a successful financial life for now and for generations to come.

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