James L. Wilkerson

CEO and Founder

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years helping clients with their retirement planning, business planning, and investment management. I created the Personal Finance Education Center to provide a comprehensive personal finance resource. It is our mission to provide Financial Education and Literacy for Organizations and their People, students and anyone wishing to improve their financial lives.

Our programs have been utilized by corporations, associations, schools, and small business all across the United States.

These programs help people wishing to obtain education relating to saving for retirement, investing, understanding money in today’s complicated world and for those who are having financial stress in their lives.


I provide an in house education program for employers to offer their Employees who are interested in having quality unbiased information to help them make intelligent decisions about saving for retirement, taxes, structuring their financial and retirement plans, setting goals, understanding insurance and risk management, saving for college for their children, understanding their company retirement benefits, structuring their estate, and how to pass their legacy on the next generation.

Public Speaking

Jim is available for public speaking engagements about the latest trends in retirement planning and investing, and regularly provides investor education forums and seminars.

To obtain information on our investor education seminar schedule or if you have any questions, we can be contacted via e-mail or by phone.

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  • Phone Direct: 480-466-2099