Empowering People Through Financial Education


The Mission of the Personal Finance Education Center is to “Empower People with Financial Education” We do this by providing unbiased Financial Education courses and Literacy training for organizations and their people, students and anyone wishing to improve their financial lives.


Our vision is that everyone who wants to become more financially literate should be able to have information that is easy to understand, useful and applicable to their lives now. We are committed to this goal by providing up to date, unbiased financial literacy and education on the issues that almost everyone will have to deal with in today’s complicated world. Unfortunately, it is a widely accepted fact most people are not well prepared to deal with these issues. That is why we created our high value affordable programs.


Our values are rooted in the understanding that expertise isn’t given to anyone…it is earned. And those fortunate enough to have many years of experience and the training have an obligation to “Pay It Forward” by teaching other people.


Jim-Wilkerson-photoHi, I’m Jim Wilkerson.

For over 30 years, I have been a financial advisor, where it was my job to help people reach their financial goals by assisting them with their financial plan, helping them to design and monitor their investment portfolios, and help them make good financial decisions.

It’s always been really important to me that I look back on my life and know that I’ve made a positive difference in people’s lives… I am very passionate about this.

A few years ago, I retired from the industry and I’m now the President and CEO of the Personal Finance Education Center.

It is now my mission to empower people by providing high-quality, evidence-based financial literacy and investment education and training courses.

Because I love helping, I have created this website and several courses to teach you the knowledge that you will need to achieve financial and investment success.

What you will learn is what I have learned from some of the most successful investors’ in the world along with tons of great content and resources. I have aggregated here a one stop shopping for you to obtain the answers for almost any financial questions that you can think of.

So take a couple of minutes to look around and sign up for my email alerts, podcasts on many different financial topics, and training videos all designed to help you become financially successful and to learn how to become a better investor by sharing with you what I have learned from some of the greatest investors’ in the world.

Please as my gift to you, download a free copy of my latest report, Huge Mistakes That Most Investors Make.
It is my sincere hope that I can make a positive difference in the financial life for your and your family.